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Claire Jones, LSCSW

Since 2015 Claire has been in private practice as a clinical therapist providing therapy to children (6 and up), adolescents, and adults of all ages. Her open nature and style of communication provide a dynamic in the therapist/client relationship which is often most important. Claire's clinical experience includes working with obstacles in life such as PTSD, complex trauma, dissociation, anxiety, depression, attachment-based concerns, ADHD, stress, grief & loss, and difficulties that accompany developmental diagnoses such as autism which can affect entire families. 


Services are provided in person in Overland Park, Kansas or by video in Kansas, Missouri, and Florida.  

Many clients, with what some term as Complex PTSD, find difficulty in several areas of life, and feel they are managing symptoms rather than healing from the problem. An example of the help provided in sessions is working on identifying underlying dynamics or experiences related to problem areas, and working to heal the whole self or develop a sense of self.

By practicing with several types of modalities Claire works to develop an approach you will find helpful and individualized. Interventions Claire works with include (but are not limited to) cognitive behavioral therapy, dialectical behavioral therapy, ego state therapy, EMDR, somatic experiencing techniques, and psychodynamic techniques.

While obtaining her master’s degree, in Social Welfare from the University of Kansas, Claire was afforded clinical experiences as a therapist at Johnson County Community Mental Health, and as a high school social worker at Hogan Preparatory Academy.  Claire began her private practice in the Lee's Summit area primarily counseling children and adults involved with the Department of Children and Families and high conflict cases involving families.  Claire has also spent a portion of her career treating patients in skilled nursing facilities across Missouri.  

Claire obtained training in Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing in 2021, and is currently pursuing certification.  She has been the recipient of a two year Fellowship with The Greater Kansas City Psychoanalytic Institute in 2019-2021, and received a 
Geriatric Champion Certification through The University of Kansas Medical Center in 2015. 


Claire currently sees clients aged 6 and above, and is able to attend to the difficulties people encounter across the life-span.  Currently there is a waitlist in place.  

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